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Cease Fire - A Mockingjay inspired drabble


This came to me today and I just had to write it. Thank you to dmarie1985 for editing so quickly. I love you.


I always felt at ease when I spoke to Caesar. He was never a threat to me and I find his colorful hair and blinding white smile amusing, but the circumstances are different now.

The Peacekeepers stand behind Caesar with loaded guns pointed right at me. If I even blink wrong they will shoot me dead. I’m probably better off dead anyway. They won’t tell me if Katniss is alive. I’ve begged but they won’t give me even the smallest hint that she’s still here. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I can do this. They want me to play a part and I’ll do it. I can’t have my family see me executed on live television.

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Anonymous asked: If you could spend a day with any of the Hunger Games characters, who would it be and why? Also, I <3 you! :)

Spend a day? You mean post-MJ? I don’t think I’d like to spend a day with any of them after what they went through. They don’t need some stranger infringing on their hard-won solitude. I think they deserve their privacy and a chance to live out their lives in peace.

Now, if you’re asking which of them I’d like to get to know more in depth… I’d say Haymitch. He fascinates me.

Love you too!